Volume! Foundation was established in 1997 in a former glass factory in Trastevere. Founded by Francesco Nucci with the support of  artists, curators and creatives, the space quickly evolved into a workshop of ideas.


The gallery is a living and versatile space, which artists can appropriate and reinvent each time through their work. Each time an artist intervenes in the space they create something completely unique, providing an entirely new experience for the visitor. The artists are free to destroy the existing architecture of the space in order to create something fresh. The space is never restored to its original format, yet manages to preserve the memory of its past through the layers on the walls.


Volume! seeks to emulate the city of Rome where every building has multiple historical layers and where ancient monuments act as the foundation for new constructions. Over the years the foundation has collaborated with many notable artists from around the world and has played an important part in the development of their artistic careers.